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All it requires is an electric powered beard trimmer, first rate eyesight, and a willingness to in no way really shave your face (except you want to easy up your neck with a proper razor once in a while, which is considered respectable before conferences and huge activities).

That said, finding the proper trimmer to execute this now not-sincerely-shaving appearance is a venture. You need one with a view to closing for years even as nonetheless conserving its fee, preferably with a lithium-ion battery. The blades ought to be sharp — for morning performance, primarily — and the device have to experience exact to your fingers without seeming reasonably-priced, or getting too without problems clogged with hairs. My ultimate trimmer lately went kaput, so I determined to test out all of the alternatives in the marketplace to locate the great substitute. After learning extra than 30 trimmers, and trying out a dozen from main electronics brands and virtual upstarts alike, these 5 stood out. And no longer just for simple things like having the maximum energy, or the most powerful blades, or enough battery lifestyles, but for in any other case being a reduce above the relaxation.wireless trimmer enough

Best Electric Beard Trimmer
Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200, Vacuum-Trimmer Save
Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200, Vacuum-Trimmer
I’ve been shaving with an older, more simple generation of this beard trimmer for three years; that one’s lack of ability to maintain a fee these days is what brought about this seek. But the new one has updates that made it the greatest one I attempted: (1) a convenient radial dial that helps you to easily pick out lengths as short a zero.Five mm (and in zero.5 mm increments up from there), which makes it plenty flexible; and (2) a vacuum-suction function that collects the general public of your shaven hairs — as much as 90 percent of them, consistent with the corporation, but who clearly is aware of? All I can say is that that is a godsend. No guy likes wiping his (or his boyfriend’s) stubble from the sink, and I’m inclined to address this shaver’s barely clunky hand-experience to achieve that reward.

You may suppose that the reason of any beard trimmer is for it to work perfectly, expertly crafting each piece of micro-hair into the same length, but that’s infrequently the factor in relation to five o’clock shadow. Messy is in! Still, I liked the particularly sharp, pro-level blade; heavy stainless-steel body; and long-lasting battery (a four-hour rate) that this one provided. If you ignore any of its bonus features and beard courses — those plastic combs that come with most of those, and commonly sense flimsy and vain — this tool is proper for guys who need an exceptionally close shave with out pulling out an electric powered foil razor or regular razor blade. I’ll maintain this one in my medication cupboard for accomplishing what’s basically a clean shave — no shaving cream vital — mainly since it’s shaped in a manner that nicely weaves around lip corners and nose crevices.